August 16, 2018

August 2, 2014

  • Joshua's photos

    Joshua loves to take photos with our cameras.  Before Xanga changed their format,  I used to have an art gallery and photo gallery on the blog of his work.

    I thought it was time to share a few pictures of his latest work.   The photos were all taken at the farm.  Be sure to click on the photo to see it much larger and more clear.  Xanga seems to lower the resolution in the blog post.








    He has a great eye for photography.



July 21, 2014

  • Airshow...Part II

    More shots from the airshow.  We all had a grand time.  If you click on the photo it will enlarge it.

    IMG_0902 IMG_1040 IMG_0914 IMG_0933 IMG_1004



    Joshua and his friends in a foxhole.

    2014-07-12 13.44.47

    They even had mock bombs being dropped.

    2014-07-12 13.57.38

    2014-07-12 13.43.34



July 15, 2014

  • Camping & Airshow Weekend Part I

    On Friday, we loaded up our mini-school bus,  Zippy the Magic Bus, and headed out for a weekend away.  Our first stop was to a local person's home where he makes and sells bio-diesel.  We filled Zippy up with this locally made bio-diesel which was made from local restaurant's waste veggie oil.  As Zippy zipped along,  our bus smelled of french fries versus that nasty diesel smell.  Loved it!  Not only do we love the fact this fuel oil is made locally from a waste product, it is also cheaper!  A win/win all around if you ask me.

    Zippy the Magic Bus

    Zippy the Magic Bus

    After filling up Zippy, we settled in for a 6 hour drive to upstate New York.  Our destination was Letchworth State Park.  We camped for two days in the park and attended the Geneseo Airshow.  This is the first time in five years that all three of us were able to stay together a few nights away from home.  When you live on a farm,  it's hard to get away especially when you have animals.  We were so grateful that our help could work over the weekend.

    Letchworth State Park is amazing.  It's hard to believe that this park is roughly 17 miles (24 km) long,[2] covering 14,350 acres (58 km2) of land along the Genesee River.  (according to Wikipedia).   The park is beautiful and it takes forever to drive from one end to the next, especially at the speed limit of 25 mph.  Honestly,  we were not complaining because at this slow speed you can see so much and truly enjoy the park.   As we arrived at the park,  we could see three hot air balloons hovering near the falls.    Weather permitting,  hot air balloons will often be seen at the park.






    This Coleman cook stove has been preparing camp meals for over 40 years.   We're making blueberry buckwheat pancakes!







    No camping trip is complete without roasting marshmallows.



    Our elderly blind dog enjoyed camping with us and she especially enjoyed laying on the cot with two air mattresses and three pillows.  She loved this so much that we drove all the way home with her laying in her favorite resting spot.  She loves to go on car rides and she seems even more excited to ride on the bus.   We had a rough Spring with her and we were afraid the end was near.  However, she seems to have bounced back somewhat.  She's been enjoying all her extra love and attention and the fact that she is never left alone now.    At the airshow,   we managed to park the bus in a wonderful spot.  We could see the turf tarmac.  We would take turns sitting with her inside and outside.  The bus did not get as hot as a car and we had sun shades up.  If the temperature was starting to get too warm,  we would run the AC.  It was actually cooler on the bus than being outside.     It felt nice and when our son's friend's family came over to hang out, we all sat on the bus!


    The airshow was enjoyed by all.










    We took so many pictures at the airshow.  I've posted only a few.   I'll post more in Part II.

April 20, 2014

October 17, 2013

April 11, 2013

  • Science, Birds, Rockets oh my what fun it is...

    An afternoon at the NY Hall of Science and Queens Zoo walking around their aviary.  A little boy who loves, loves science, birds, rockets, planes and trains had a fabulous time!


    Working on making a caffeine molecule at the NY Hall of Science.



    Just what do you see in that microscope? 



    Rockets and astronauts!



    Playing in their incredible outdoor playground.

February 15, 2013

January 23, 2013

  • Steamtown

    We recently visited one of Joshua's favorite places. It was a cold snowy day but we all had a great time. We participated in a tour of the machine shop. We learned so much! This tour was about history, language, music, science, math all rolled into info on trains.

    We just love sharing our son's passion.

January 9, 2013

  • What we've been up to....

    WOW  where does the time go?!   We've been so busy with farmers' markets, soap making, homeschooling projects, and life in general.  So I'll try and post a few of my favorite pics from the last six months.


    Joshua is learning to snowboard now.



    Running around with his doggie.


    Joshua is still into art and he spends a lot of time creating pictures on the computer.  This drawing was done using the paint program. 


    Pumpkins growing vertically.  We are still enjoying our pumpkins.  I made a delicious pumpkin curry soup just yesterday.


    Our sunflowers were just gorgeous this year.


    Joshua also drove a locomotive this summer and rode in a commuter engine. 


    Our lives are very full and happy!